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Are Court Records Public in DeSoto County, Florida?

Yes, court records are public in DeSoto County, Florida. According to the public record act, court records are considered public documents and are available for public inspection and copying. This means that anyone, including individuals, businesses, and organizations, has the right to access and obtain court records in DeSoto County.

The purpose of making court records public is to ensure transparency and accountability in the judicial system. By allowing access to court records, the public can have a better understanding of the legal processes and decisions made by the courts. It also promotes fairness and equal treatment under the law, as court records can be used to verify the actions and decisions of the courts.

It is important to note that while court records are generally accessible to the public, there may be certain exceptions and restrictions. For example, some sensitive information, such as personal identifying information, may be redacted or protected to ensure privacy and prevent identity theft. Additionally, certain confidential or sealed records may not be available for public viewing.

How to Find Court Records in DeSoto County, Florida in 2023

To obtain court records in DeSoto County, Florida in 2023, there are several methods available. One option is to visit the DeSoto County Clerk of Court's office in person. The clerk's office is responsible for maintaining and providing access to court records. By visiting the office, individuals can request specific court records and obtain copies.

Another way to access court records is through online resources. The DeSoto County Clerk's website provides online access to various court records, including marriage records, jury records, and injunction records. By visiting the website, individuals can search for specific court records and view them online. This convenient option allows for easy access to court records from the comfort of one's own home or office.

It is worth noting that not all court records may be available online. Some records, especially older or more sensitive ones, may only be accessible by visiting the clerk's office in person. In such cases, individuals may need to make a request to the clerk's office for specific court records.

Courts in DeSoto County, Florida

  • DeSoto County Courthouse: 115 East Oak Street, Arcadia, FL 34266, Phone: (863) 993-4876
  • DeSoto County Clerk of Court: 115 East Oak Street, Arcadia, FL 34266, Phone: (863) 993-4876

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