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Are Court Records Public in Walton County, Florida?

Yes, court records are public in Walton County, Florida. According to the public record act, court records are made available to the public to promote transparency and accountability in the judicial system. This means that anyone can access and view court records in Walton County, Florida, unless they are sealed or restricted by a court order.

The public record act recognizes the importance of public access to court records as it allows individuals to understand and monitor the legal proceedings that take place in Walton County. By providing access to court records, the public can ensure that the judicial system operates fairly and impartially.

How to Find Court Records in Walton County, Florida in 2023

To obtain court records in Walton County, Florida, individuals can utilize various methods. One way is to visit the official website of the Walton County Clerk of Court, which provides online access to court records. The website offers a user-friendly search feature that allows users to search for court records by case number, party name, or date.

Additionally, individuals can visit the physical location of the Walton County Clerk of Court to request court records in person. The clerk's office is open to the public during regular business hours and provides assistance to individuals seeking court records.

It is important to note that while court records are generally available to the public, certain sensitive information may be redacted or withheld to protect the privacy and safety of individuals involved in the case. However, individuals can still obtain access to the majority of court records, which include case filings, judgments, and other relevant documents.

Courts in Walton County, Florida

If you are looking for information about the courthouses in Walton County, Florida, the following are the main courthouses located in the county:

  • Walton County Courthouse: 571 U.S. Hwy 90 East, DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433. Phone: (850) 892-8115
  • Walton County South Annex: 31 Coastal Centre Blvd, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459. Phone: (850) 267-3066

These courthouses serve as the primary locations for various legal proceedings, including civil, criminal, and family law cases. It is advisable to contact the respective courthouses directly for specific information regarding court proceedings, filing requirements, and any additional services they may offer.

Lookup Court Records in Walton County, Florida

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